For previous generations, owning a car or was a symbol of freedom. Buying a car said, “I’m ready for this adulthood thing”. Millennials inherited a different world, one of smartphones and social media, entirely new personal transportation options, and a consumer culture that relies on the next best thing. When it comes to cars, millennials have been fashionably late to the ownership party, but when they arrive, they’re buying brand new cars and taking on loans to pay for them. Both are huge mistakes…



Choose a Car That Will Hold Its Value

Imagine buying a car, owning and driving it for several years - and then selling to someone else for almost as much as you paid for it. Sweet, right? Those kinds of cars are called "resale winners," and finding one is the whole object of the car buying game. The financial advantage a resale winner gives you isn’t hundreds of dollars, it’s many thousands in the long run - so use this calculator before you buy.