I Am Net Worthy – Paperback & Ebook Bundle

Can’t decide between the paperback version or the ebook series version? No problem – when you buy the I Am Net Worthy bundle, you get both! Whether you prefer the familiarity of a physical book, or the convenience of reading on any device – or even going back and forth between the two – all 9 volumes and all 83 Net Worthy Nuggets are there in both formats, so you’re covered. Makes a perfect gift, especially for the new graduate!

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Achieving financial independence can seem like an incredibly daunting puzzle. When it comes to Millennials and money management, there are many more puzzle pieces to fit into the picture of one’s financial future. Don’t worry – I Am Net Worthy is the key for making every piece fall into place, and now you can have all of it – all 9 Ebooks and 81 Net Worthy Nuggets – in one paperback. 

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