Financial independence is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Gift the young people in your life a path to financial security.

The financial world can be unforgiving for today’s young people. That can be scary as a parent. Instead of celebrating your child’s big milestone — college graduation, a first job, or something else — you’re worried about whether you prepared them for what’s ahead.

You’re not alone. Simply put, the Baby Boomer generation never received the level of financial education they needed. Older generations were thrown into the world to learn about personal finance on their own. Although many have found financial success, many more have made avoidable mistakes that add up to a lot of money in the long run.

With I Am Net Worthy’s Personal Finance Mastery Program, you can give your children and grandchildren financial security instead of financial ruin.

As Millennials, your kids have already experienced a world of uncertainty and aren’t given the tools to navigate personal finance responsibly. That ends now.

Our mission at I Am Net Worthy is to empower every member of the next generation to achieve financial independence.

Let’s do this!


The financial master plan for today’s younger generation

Personal finance education is more than just how to use your money. It’s about how to achieve financial independence through making smart decisions.

Whether your kids or grandkids are just starting their adult life or they’ve been on their own for a while now, it’s never too late to give the gift of financial independence.

I Am Net Worthy’s interactive course covers everything from money basics and budgeting to buying a home and the wise approach to long-term investing for retirement.

A personal finance course that young people actually enjoy

Each module includes video segments that are engaging and memorable. No sifting through endless articles on multiple topics — we've boiled it down to the most important information and are ready to explain!

Interactive Video Lessons

We have developed powerful calculators that help students understand their true financial situation — and then the steps they can take to turn it around. Put away the pencil and paper and stop trying to do the math in your head. We've done the work for you so you can plug and play.

Powerful Calculators

The I Am Net Worthy course comes packed with helpful nuggets that can easily be applied to any personal financial decision. This isn't just general advice from a textbook — students will learn exactly how much money to have in their emergency fund and how much they'll need to save in order to retire comfortably.

Actionable Insights


What Experts are Saying About Us

The I Am Net Worthy curriculum is trusted by financial experts, as well as parents and grandparents who want the best for their kids.

Mike Veseth of University of Puget Sound

Chris Smith knows personal finance from the ground up and has a flair for communicating his insights. He is committed to helping young people learn how to manage their financial affairs with a view to the future. He is the right messenger with the right message and the right time.

Mike Veseth

Professor Emeritus of International Political Economy at the University of Puget Sound

"The information will improve both the peace of mind and bottom lines of its recipients, and it may even make them better people."

William Berntstien

well-known author of The Four Pillars of Investing

A meaningful gift for graduations, birthdays, and holidays

Children & grandchildren

Make sure your children and grandchildren have the tools they need to prepare for their financial future. The promise of financial security will last much longer than that gift card or tech gadget you were considering as a gift.


Are you a youth mentor or do you work with students who might need a financial literacy boost? Take advantage of the discount and your support for those students will go even further.


Million dollar plan

The idea of turning $500 a month into a million dollars may surprise you, but it’s doable — and we’ll show the young people in your life exactly how.

Three phase path to financial independence

We’ll guide students through three phases of financial independence: Red (getting your financial basics in order), yellow (earn/save/invest/repeat), and green (financial independence).

Money basics

The ability to grow your net worth requires an entirely different skillset from what’s needed to acquire income. But there is a similarity: It requires commitment, time, and practice.

Budgeting/magic number

The young people in your life need a game plan for their finances. We’ll teach students how to plan, spend, compare, and learn (and discuss some tools to make it fun).


Today’s young adults are buying cars later in life than previous generations. We’ll teach them how to consider all the options to minimize the net price (initial purchase minus anticipated resale price).


Buying a house is a huge part of the American Dream, but it’s not as easy for today’s generation as it probably was for you. Net Worthy equips students with five financial readiness tests to determine if they’re ready to buy.

Financial dashboard

Measurement matters. Net Worthy helps students build a comprehensive and visual dashboard to track progress.

Long-term investing

You’ve probably tried to tell the young people in your life the importance of saving for their future, but we will show them how small savings now make a big difference later.

The right things in the right order

Financial independence is not a choose-your-own-adventure journey. Young people need to do the right things in the right order.


Give the gift of financial independence in four easy steps.


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Watch your student master their finances

Congratulations. You have given the gift of financial independence. Your investment today will continue to pay off for your children or grandchildren — all the way through their well-funded retirement. 

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It wouldn’t be fair to give just one of your children access to a secure financial future. Purchase access to the I Am Net Worthy Personal Finance Mastery Program for all your children, grandchildren or students at a discounted rate.


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Want to know more?

Reach out to the I Am Net Worthy team with any questions about how we can help all members of your family reach financial independence.


Want to know more?

Reach out to the I Am Net Worthy team with any questions about how we can help all members of your family reach financial independence.