Colby Howard

Financial Consultant

Colby is currently devoted to a seed-level startup focused on bringing transparency, accountability, and the rigor of buy-side investment analysis to company management teams.. His involvement in personal finance stems from his long held interest in making sure he and his friends maximize life while minimizing spending. He enjoys a good rack of barbeque ribs.

" This book reminded me of how much we underestimate taking the long term view. Millennials have more opportunity than ever to travel, enjoy great food, and have pretty much anything on earth shipped to them in two days. The urge to spend is massive, and I hope this book helps take the focus away from the present, and put it on the future.

7 - Long-Term Investing

Volume 7 of I Am Net Worthy covers what you need to know about long term investing, the most tried and true method of building net worth.

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