Andy Crosby •

Andy Crosby

Financial Counselor

Andy Crosby is a recent graduate of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, where he developed a passion for personal finance. As a Certified HERO financial counselor, Andy enjoys volunteering in his community to encourage and promote financial literacy. Andy also served as President of Four Horsemen Investments, a student-run, non-profit that manages a portfolio of investments to raise money for peer scholarships. To learn more about Andy's HERO certification and his involvement with Four Horsemen Investments, visit and

" Helping with the NetWorthy project has been an incredible experience. When school ends and ‘real life’ begins, we are all expected to have a complete understanding of our personal finances, yet only a small percentage of students have access to financial education. Financial independence should be available and accessible for everyone, and that's what I hope this project will do!