A Proven Path to a Brighter Financial Future

Young People Deserve Better

Before we send young adults out into the financial world, we owe each and every one of them a solid, practical financial education. Up until now, we’ve done a pretty poor job of providing it, but that ends here.

Personal Finance for Millennials, by Millennials

Today’s Financial Hurdles Are Bigger

The financial world in the US in the 21st Century is more challenging, complex, and confusing than ever. Achieving financial independence is completely possible, but now it’s even more critical to have a real plan and practical knowledge to back it up.

A Complete Financial Master-Plan

Gain Control of Your Financial Future

I Am Net Worthy began as a passion project for creator Chris Smith who, once his own kids reached college age, finally saw the financial world from their perspective. That’s why the entire series has been designed to provide Millennials with the most important things they need to know, starting with what they can do today.

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The Team

Amber Berry

Amber Berry is a millennial who shares her passion for personal finance through her website feelgoodfinances.com. As a Certifie...

Monica Viera

Monica is best known for her YA fiction novel, Crazy Meeting You Here. She also writes for The Female Insider, Tiny Buddha, and...

Nick Matiash

Nick leads a double life: he's a high school math teacher by day, and a men’s life coach by night. His website is entitled Movi...

Samantha Poelstra

A firm believer in education and an advocate for a digitally literate world, Sam Poelstra writes and edits content for a variet...

Dion Beary

Dion Beary is a writer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys writing about ecommerce, finances, and millennials. He is...

Colby Howard

Colby is currently devoted to a seed-level startup focused on bringing transparency, accountability, and the rigor of buy-side ...

Claire Boyte-White

Claire is a writer, editor, and long-term ‘voluntary hobo’. After a backpacking trip to Scotland in 2013, she realized that the...

Ashley Strosnider

Ashley Strosnider is a writer and editor living in Nebraska, where she is Managing Editor at Prairie Schooner and the African P...

Andy Crosby

Andy Crosby is a recent graduate of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, where he developed a passion for perso...

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a man on a mission to increase the financial IQs of young adults everywhere. He’s a lifelong financial professional, a former senior financial executive with Hewlett Packard …