Personal Finance Course for a Path to Financial Independence

Personal Finance Course That Will Set You on a Path to Financial Independence

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Why Everyone Needs a Good Financial Education

Think back to your school years. Were you ever taught about budgeting, mortgages, or investing?
Probably not. Personal finance education is more than just how to use your money. It’s about how to put it to work for you, and achieve financial independence through making smart decisions. So what are the smart decisions to make, and which ones should you walk away from? These questions are answered in-depth in the I Am Net Worthy course, which include:
Learning through trial and error can set your progress back by decades. With the resources of our online personal finance course at your fingertips, you’ll get the guidance you need to become financially independent faster.
Whether you are just starting your adult life, or you’ve already been an independent adult for some years, you must have noticed that the financial aspect of life is difficult. The knowledge of how to create a growing net worth via saving, investing and smart financial decisions overall, is critical to your financial success. If you also manage to earn more, taking a personal finance course is even more critical. Knowing how to use your hard-earned cash well will help you avoid spending it in ways that set you back, and create more commitment than freedom.

Top 2 Financial Misconceptions Common among the Younger Generations

Mistake #1: Comparing Ourselves to Older Generations

Today’s younger generations are starting out on uneven footing, often coming out of college with large student loan debt burdens. This puts millennials and Gen Zers in the negative before we’ve even had a chance to find a job! It’s no wonder we’re feeling the financial restraints and struggles more than our parents or grandparents did. As the younger generations, we also have an immense variety of choices in life – and we need to educate ourselves in order to make choices that help us live freely, instead of helping us slave away.
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Mistake #2: "I Have Years to Get My Finances Under Control"

It’s so tempting to go out and spend today what you made yesterday. Creating a future of financial independence starts today. The sooner you make the decision to be smart with your money, to put it to work for you, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards. You’ll even feel some rewards right away — focus, control of your expenses, a new outlook on what your job is for, the calming thought of a secure future. Other rewards will come in years and be that much sweeter.

What Makes for a Great Personal Finance Course

Details, Details,

Our course is broken down into nuggets that focus on individual facets of personal finance. We get into the nitty-gritty, explaining why each topic matters and how it works.


A personal finance course should give you more than book smarts — it should also show you all the steps you need to take along the path to financial success.

Real-life Experiences of People Like You

Our content is written by people who understand your situation. It's for millennials and Gen Zers, by authors of the same age groups. The authors are real people who figured out their finances for themselves — sometimes the hard way — and want to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Backed by Actual
Finance Experts

To make our recommendations even more valuable, we bring in an expert with years of leadership experience in finance. The course is endorsed by several prominent people in the personal finance sector, including Suzanne Nora Johnson, former vice-chairman of The Goldman Sachs Group and Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, author of Zero Debt and cofounder of a popular finance advice blog.

Resources and

Our resources and calculators will help turn your new knowledge into specific plans, habits, and rules of thumb. They'll show you how to make smart decisions and outline the benefits — and consequences — of actions you're considering, providing a glimpse at your current and future financial pictures.


We have no commitments to financial institutions. We won't be recommending any loans or credit cards that you don't need and shouldn't have.

Avoid Personal Finance Resources Like the Plague
if They Do Any of The Following

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The Net Worthy plan to FIRE is three-fold, and it begins early in adulthood. The three phases — red, yellow and green — are discussed in-depth, and the steps to achieving each phase are laid out with easy-to-understand directions. This topic includes earning, saving, emergency funds, investing and financial freedom.
Money in, money out, that’s about it, right? Wrong! There’s more to money basics than just earning and spending. Growing your net worth means you need a special set of skills, and they require practice. This topic will give you an overview of how to be responsible with your money and make the right choices.
Rent vs. buy? This is the most common question we ask ourselves when we’re looking for a place to live. The answer might actually surprise you. We break down the pros and cons of each option, dive deep into mortgages, and make decisions easy for you via our financial readiness tests.

Learn Personal Finance via Essential & Relatable Topics

Buying a vehicle can be done wrong even when you feel you’re ready for the purchase. We’ll teach you about several factors including why you should not buy new, and why paying cash is the way to go.
Budgeting is critical to financial freedom. We break budgeting down into categories, and provide intricate insight into what makes or breaks your budget. Every adult needs this, no matter what their financial situation is.
We compare short-term vs long-term and tell you why long-term investing is the way to go for financial independence. We take a look at investing approaches, and explain IRAs as well as target-date funds. You’ll also learn how to respond when the market dips, and make sure you’re well on your way to investing smartly.


Suzanne Nora Johnson
Former vice chairman, The Goldman Sachs Group; board member, American Red Cross; board member, Women’s World Banking.
“Chris Smith’s book is a must-read for all those beginning their financial lives. Indeed, this superb book has clear and compelling guidance for financial decision making throughout life.”
Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Author of New York Times bestseller Zero Debt and cofounder of the free financial advice blog

“If you’re starting your financial life, or you know someone who is, Securing Your Financial Future can help you or a loved one avoid those money-draining mistakes that we’ve all made–and later come to regret.”

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